Analisis Portofolio Saham Dalam Mengoptimalkan Keuntungan Investasi Dibursa Efek Jakarta

Yosi Suryani


Economic crisis in Indonesia since 1997 had big effect to some sectors, like economies. This condition happened to investor who invest their capital. Their business didn’t get a profit and had a big liability. To anticipate this problem, portofolio analysis can be used. The analysis used to look for profit in some stocks with made an individual investment for every stock that analyze. Methodology of this research gets some data form internet of 15 companies. This research begin from analysis about individual investment that its goal to see if individual investment can be used to be portfolio invest from every individual got expected return and risk to see deviancy standart. The result of this research is that investment of stocks not always gets a high profit. If investor got a high profit, they were get a high risk and high loose for investment that their invest. It can be happened if investor can’t manage a risk in their stocks. Investor can do investment diversification of their stocks to get a high profit with to do diversification in portfolio.

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