Kajian Analisis SWOT Terhadap Usaha Industri Kecil Rotan Kota Padang

Yenida Yenida


The purpose of this study is to observe the situation and position of Padang small industry on internal environmental factors (strengths and weaknesses) and external environmental factors (opportunities and threats.) This analysis showing that the position of small industry in SWOT diagram is there are some aspects in quadrant I which a very favorable situation. The business units have a power that can be used to take advantage of the existing opportunities. The strategy that should be applied in these circumstances is to support aggressive growth policy. While based on the matrix IE (internal-external matrix), the cane small industry in Padang was placed in the fifth cell in matrix IE, so the strategy that should be applied is to support  growth strategy through concentration through horizontal integration, or a stability strategy. While the SO strategy applied is to expand the market conducted by leveraging the effectiveness and efficiency of the company, develop new products with the active learning of the latest designs from trainings and internships given by the government, and provide excellent service to attract consumers.

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