Motivasi Karyawan Dalam Perspektif Islam

Willson Gustiawan


Researches on employee motivation mostly use theory that derived from western country. This research is on Islamic banking-assharia-based organizations-to review employee motivation from an Islamic perspective. Motivation is viewed from a sense of hope and fear dimensions as proposed by Al-Ghazali. This descriptive studyisa research-census of 56 banking staffin shariah banking in Bukittinggi. Primary and secondary data were collected by field research and literature study. Question naire was tested with test validity and reliability. In general, the agree responses from respondents on notice of sense of hope have the percentage of 95%. That is, the perception of most respondents in accordance with the claims submitted. Whereas for sense of fear dimension have 75% agree responses. That variety answers reveal their perception of fear in motivation that can indeed be understood as something positive and also negative, as suggested by Al-Ghazali.

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