Rekayasa Mesin Thermoforming Vaccum

Nusyirwan Nusyirwan


Production process in transforming plastic sheet into various types of domestic equipment are monopolized by big Industries, Technically, this process can also be conducted by small industries/ domestic industries by applying Thermoforming process.  Regarding with this condition, an activity which includes Research, Designing, and constructing process for thermoforming machine has been conducted. The main objective of this activity is to construct simple with low cost investment of thermoforming machine which can be applied in domestic / small industries.  Method that is used in achieving this goal is by conducting research as supporting activity in designing and constructing a thermoforming vacuum machine and it will be followed with testifying process. This machine has been testified by using a piece of plastic sheet made of Polystyrene (HIPS) and Polyethylene terephtalate (PET) with following conditions : Temperature of heating process is 120 oC, time of heating process is 3 second, time for vacuuming and cooling process is 2 second, and pressing power in vacuuming process is – 0,05 Mpa. The good product and capacity of production that have been gained can be calculated as ± 720 piece/ hour. It means this thermoforming vacuum machine can be simply made applied in domestic/ small industries.

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