Bambu Sebagai Pengganti Kawat Anyam Pada Pembuatan Ferro-Cement

Satwarnirat Satwarnirat, Dwina Archenita


Ferro cement is a mix material between mortar and chicken wire sheet or small diameter steel mesh which is bound to be a rigid structure (Nugraha, 1992). The cement mortar is functioned as a mass while steel wire give strength and ductility (Tjokrodimuljo, 1994). Any material functioned as Ferro cement must fulfill categories required. One material that can be used as the replacement of plaited mats wire or steel wire is bamboo. Bamboo is important material that may replace the use of wood. Hence, it can be found in many counties in West Sumatra. Besides, bamboos also have been utilized as replacement of bones for the basin of rainwater (cement bamboo basin) that give a good strength. The research varies the Ferro cement bones into three, namely chicken wire bones, 4 mm thick bamboo bones and 5 mm thick bamboo bones. The Bamboo is cut 250 cm long and then split in accordance with the thickness needed. While the comparison of volume cement and sand is 1 : 2. The result of comprehensive strength test indicates that the biggest value of comprehensive strength goes to the Ferro cement using chicken wire bones (212,926 kg/cm2). The result value of shear strength test also shows that this kind of bones is the biggest (147,640 kg/cm2), while the deflect strength of the three variations show the nearly value.

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