Pengaruh Radius Pemutus Geram Pahat Bubut Hss Terhadap Panjang Geram pada Proses Pembubutan

Junaidi Junaidi, Adriansyah Adriansyah


At process having to do with machines or turning material that ductile usually having problem. For example at cutting process have income chip that continue or not broken. So chip be turn at material. The matter can be disturb in turning process, much time that free to clean teh chip, because the machine always turn on and turn off. The solution is used cutting chip radius that long chip. So turn machine operator can work with efficient and quality of work more increase. Purpose of the research is to know large of cutting radius that appropriate to turn steel S 45 C and to know how for effect of large of cutting radius to long of chip. Based on data analysis that regressed  having result of experiment with used radius 0,25 (mm) income long of chip average 11,09 (mm), radius 0,5 (mm) income long of chip average 17,54 (mm), radius 0,75 (mm) income long of chip average 23,45 (mm), radius 1,0 (mm) income long of chip average 32,41 (mm), radius 1,25 (mm) income long of chip 42,91 (mm), radius 1,3 (mm) income long of chip average 55,45 (mm). Include the larger of cutting chip radius so income long the chip can be long form long turning process, so turn of chip at material or object be able to displacement.

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