Analisis Geser Lentur Balok-T Komposit Beton Ringan Normal Dengan Menggunakan Program SAP 2000

Zulfira Mirani


The study deals with the shear behavior occurring on the contact surface between the flange and the web of a T-Shape composite, concrete beam, in which the flange was made of lightweight concrete and the web of normal weight concrete material. The shear behavior of the beam was inspected with respect to the variations of the type of shear reinforcement, by using an analytical finite element model to fit the result obtained out of laboratory testing. with the variations of the type of shear reinforcement, analytical results out of the implementation of SAP 2000 package program were adjusted to the result based on laboratory test. Analytical result showed that with shear reinforcements provided diagonally between flange longitudinal reinforcement and the web tensile reinforcements, the performance of the beam to resist slip was increased.

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