Penerapan Program Metode Elemen Hingga Dengan Menggunakan Elemen Isoparametrik (Studi Kasus Plat Baja Tipis dengan Overstek)

Oni Guspari


This writing discusses a numerical approach in solving an engineering mechanics problem by implementing the finite element method especialy in analyzing a continum. The package program will be design base on theory that can be executed by using a personel computer and can also be used to analyze plane strees and plane strain problems. The discussion will cover derivating formula lo be used, arranging block diagram as well as breaking down algorithmic analysis of two dimention solid materials by using isoparametic element. To complete the writing, the result of calculation on case study will be compared to the calculation using SAP 90 program and using exact. Engineering mechanics. The result test indicates that ISOQ8 program can be used for analyzing the structure of plane stress and plane straing.

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