Pembuatan Destro.Fosfat Dari Pati Sagu Sebagai Ekstender Perekat Kayu

Yandraini Yunida, Sukatik Sukatik, Rahmi Hidayati


Materials making of Destro Phosphate are from Sago Extract. Sago extract is materials which containing many carbohydrate is kind of macromolecules which consist of amylase and amilopektin which have a lot hydroxyls. This hydroxyl bunch eams subsititution with phosphate so that its use to be mounts. This bunch hydroxyl substitution can be conducted with HCL for the hydrolysis and OH substitution with Natrium Hydro – Phospate. Singeing conducted at temperature  80° - 130 °C during 15 - 30 minute. Continued with addition hidrogen natrium of phosphate and dried. Then reacted to heat at temperature 12O° - 170 °C during 2 hour. Characteristic of sarnple cover physical test, chemical test and morphology test with SEM. From analysis result obtained that Destro phosphate can be made isn't it sago extract with hydrogen natrium of phosphate. With draracteristic as follows: pH = 6,2 ; viscosities = 3, 68 cp and densities = 1,0004 gr/cc.

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