Peningkatan Kinerja Mengajar Gambar Teknik Melalui Pengembangan Metoda Mengajar Dan Media Ajar

Rusmardi Rusmardi


Pursuant to existing problem backgaround, can be formulated that : as for problems to be studied by that is : Process learn to teach technique picture which still not yet adequate and according to, especially in the case of media and method teach so that require to be improved again, less it is learn room becoused minimized the more or less 40% from previous size measure. This matter cause the lack of draught, facility in teaching to become to decrease so that the condition of becoming less condusif, less balmy and less the existence of caused by calmness the increasing of noise in class or draw studio and addition two theory class room beside picture studio. While method which is used development is: Method delivers a lecture and instructional, method deliver a lecture amd demonstrate, methods deliver a lecture and discussion, method deliver a lecture and simulation (playing role), taxonomy of is target instructional, psikomotor taxonomy.

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