Studi Cacat Lasan Pada Baja Struktural Dan Pencegahannya

Mulianti Mulianti


Cracked weld in a construction is the beginning of more serious damage. Starting on fissure from the cracked area on the heat affected zone of the connection joint and the remaining tension in the material. Cracked weld can be divided in two groups namely cold cracking and the hot cracking. Cold cracking was going on in the weld beat at the temperature below the transformation temperature martensit (Ms), about 300 oC. It may also occured not only onl HAZ, but also on the weld metal. Hot cracking was going at the temperature above 550 oC. Hot cracking devided into two classes, that is cracked due to loss restraints at heat affected zone on 550-700oC, and also crack that occured at the temperature above 900 oC at the time of weld metal solidification.

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